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Ably Medical

Moving society towards preventive healthcare

​​In a world where healthcare faces mounting pressures, from surging patient numbers to a limited workforce, Ably Medical's vision is to be a catalyst for change.

Through our innovative solutions, we are not only alleviating immediate burdens but also shaping a proactive, prevention first approach to care for generations to come.


We place nurses at the center, so they can place patients first

At the heart of our endeavors lies a profound respect for the role of nursing professionals in healthcare. Recognizing the myriad challenges they face daily, we’re committed to pioneering solutions that focus on their needs and well-being.

By placing nurses at the core of our innovations, we not only streamline their workflows and reduce burdens but also enhance the quality of care they can provide.

Our philosophy is simple: when we empower our nurses, we create an environment where patients are always prioritized, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all.

The journey towards predictive healthcare

We began with a wish of revolutionizing the hospital bed. Today, we have developed a 360º solution for alleviating the nurse burden, streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency in modern healthcare.


Class IIb Certification

Building on our progress, we are set to pursue Class IIb certification in 2025. This next level of regulatory approval will allow us to introduce more complex and innovative solutions, further enhancing our ability to improve patient care through advanced technology.

2024, H2

Class I Certification

Our technology is nearing a significant achievement: Class I certification. This milestone will underscore our commitment to safety and quality, broadening our ability to enhance patient monitoring and care with our advanced solutions.


Commercial launch

The first generation of our groundbreaking solution, Lyng, which non-intrusively monitors vital patient parameters in real-time, is set to be CE-marked and launched commercially, marking a new era in patient care and hospital efficiency.


From a bed to 360º

We were developing the Ably Bed's monitoring system, however during this process we achieved a significant advancement. We discovered a non-intrusive, contactless monitoring solution that works with any hospital bed, accelerating our mission to improve healthcare delivery.


Collaborative Expansion

We extended our efforts beyond Norway, partnering with global healthcare institutions to innovate the traditional hospital bed, focusing on enhancing patient and staff experiences through smart technology.


Ably Medical was founded

Ably Medical was founded on the belief that proactive, preventive healthcare measures can significantly improve patient outcomes and efficiency. Our research in Norway highlighted nurse burden as a critical issue affecting quality care and patient results.

The team

Moving society towards preventive healthcare is a multidisciplinary team effort. We are a driven, ambitious and dedicated team, powered by the opportunity to make a real impact on the healthcare sector.


Mikkel Ingstrup


Heinrich Zimmermann


Jens Peter Heli


Christian Bennike


Leila Yousif Circhirillo

Regulatory Affairs


Arve Voldsund

System Architect & co-founder


Jørn Refsnæs

Head of Design & co-founder

Cecilie Windstad

Cecilie Windstad

Admin & HR Manager


Agnes Karina Straum Rasmussen

Quality Assurance Manager


Maria Hviding

Head of Market Access


Erlend Kopperud

Software engineer


Thomas Erber

Senior Product Engineer


Mons Bjerkan

Student software engineer


Kjell Are

Kjell-Are Furnes

Co-founder and Advisor


Stig Jarle Pettersen

Financial Advisor


Cato Bjørkli

Co-founder and Consulting Advisor

The board


Peder Stette

Chairman of the board


Massimo Malvestio

Board member

Svein-Olav Torø

Svein-Olav Torø

Board member


Tore Tønseth

Board member