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We place nurses at the center, so they can place patients first.

LYNG by Ably Medical is an advanced no-touch monitoring solution for patient care. It offers accurate, continuous health monitoring while streamlining healthcare operations and reducing the administrative burden on caretakers – allowing them to focus on patient care.

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Our product LYNG, empowers healthcare staff and transforms patient care

LYNG by Ably Medical is moving society towards predictive healthcare by seamlessly and non-intrusive measuring patients' vitals, such as heart rate, respiration, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and movement, in the hospital bed, nursing homes, and for home care.

LYNG significantly reduces the workload on nursing staff by automating vital signs monitoring and patient management. This frees nursing staff from manual data collection, allowing them to focus on patient care and efficiently manage increasing patient numbers.

LYNG: 360° patient monitoring & workflow optimization

No-touch monitoring

The solution offers advanced precision in contactless vitals and movement tracking, ensuring reliable and accurate patient data collection.

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Connectivity Hub

Seamless data flow in every environment – for your own and Ably devices..

The Hub supports 5G/Wi-Fi networks for uninterrupted, secure communication.

Oversight & documentation

From the start, our solution markedly improved clinic capacities, enabling nurses to devote more time to caring for their patients. This not only saved valuable time but also elevated overall efficiency.

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Wearables Selection

Customizable assortment of wearables.

LYNG One – moving society towards predictive healthcare

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Why choose Lyng

Seemless monitoring

Revolutionizes patient care with accurate, continuous health monitoring without the need for direct contact, enhancing patient comfort and safety.

Workflow Optimization

Streamlines healthcare operations, reducing the administrative burden on nurses and allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Real-time data & alerts

Provides instant access to critical patient data and alerts, facilitating early intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Customizable solution

Offers a flexible device portfolio tailored to meet the specific needs of different healthcare settings, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

Why does it matter?

International Council of Nurses estimates that by 2030, up to 13 million nurses will be needed to fill the global nurse shortage gap!

At the same time, the nurse burden is real - 85% of nurses suffer a back injury at some point in their career, accounting for 15 billion working days lost, costing approximately €6 billion each year for European hospitals. The physical and mental burden of nurses and other clinical staff directly affects patient safety and care.

Adverse events, such as in-hospital falls and the development of pressure ulcers, are more likely to occur when nurses do not have the adequate time or tools to treat patients.

Patient safety

By constantly and seamlessly monitoring every patient, the Lyng Suite by Ably Medical enables hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers to prevent patient falls, detect pain, medicate correctly, and predict medical complications.

Nurse burden

Our solution significantly reduces the nursing staff's workload by automating vital signs monitoring and patient management. This frees nursing staff from manual data collection, allowing them to focus on patient care and efficiently manage increasing patient numbers.  

Operational effiency

The automatically collected patient data is displayed in dashboards, offering real-time insights on bed occupancy, patient needs, and resource allocation, improving overall ward management and patient flow.

Improving operational efficiency in the healthcare sector

Our LYNG's approach to patient monitoring and workflow optimization addresses several vital challenges that hospitals face today.

Efficiency & capacity

Automates routine tasks, allowing treatment of more patients with existing resources.

Cost reduction

It saves on labor and reduces the need for multiple devices through comprehensive features.

Improved Patient outcomes

Early detection of conditions reduces adverse events, shortens hospital stays, and lowers readmission rates.

Revenue growth

Enhances capacity and supports accurate billing for optimized reimbursement.

New care models

Enables hospital-at-home services, opening new revenue streams.

Staff well-being

Reduces manual workload and stress, contributing to lower staff turnover.

15 hours – every day

At Schrobenhausen Hospital in Germany, the nursing professionals spend more than 15 hours every day acquiring patient vitals, recording weight, and documenting mobility.

That is 15 hours not spent on treating patients.


Schrobenhausen Hospital

“Automating the tedious and frequent tasks would have an enormous impact on both staff and patient well-being as well as on the hospital economy and administration.”

Doctor at Schrobenhausen Hospital

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