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Together with our partners, Ably is developing technologies that efficiently integrate patient treatment, practical nursing and medical research. At the core of our collaborative work, is the redesigned hospital bed for the 21st century. The bed is dynamic and intelligent, addressing key issues in global healthcare today.

The Ably Bed is currently in development, scheduled for release autumn 2020. It has three key aims:

  1. To alleviate nurse load
  2. To support customised patient treatment and medical research
  3. To increase patient safety (e.g. prevent pressure ulcers and decrease the number of patient falls)

Ably is working closely with users from across the hospital environment – physicians, nurses, service staff and patients – to ensure the design meets their specific needs and expectations.

This is how it works:

  • Mobilise - The bed frame consists of 11 longitudinal motion springs with integrated sensors. Together they allow for brand new mobilisation possibilities, supporting patient treatment and healthcare workers in their everyday work.
  • Monitor - The integrated sensor system enables continuous, non-intrusive monitoring of multiple patient status markers. These include: heart rate, respiration rate, weight, and movement patterns. The data are being used both in treatment and for research purposes.
  • Prevent - Coupled with machine learning capabilities, the bed frame and data streams provide the foundations for a bed that is responsive and intelligent. This is a hospital bed that collaborates with nurses, knows the patient, and learns to react proactively to avoid critical situations.

Our innovative partners:

Ably holds offices in Norway (Oslo, Ålesund) and Canada (Toronto).

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