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In 2015 we started with a hypothesis that if technology that proactively prevents adverse events is successfully implemented in hospitals, then both patient outcomes and nursing burden would improve.We've always known that the key to success is collaborative work with our partners. This collaboration lead us to our first idea: transforming the traditional hospital bed into a dynamic and intelligent bed that could mobilize and monitor patients at the same time that ituses cutting edge machine learning technology.

Ably is working closely with users from across the hospital environment – physicians, nurses, service staff and patients – to ensure the design meets their specific needs and expectations.

In 2020, while developing our monitoring technology for the bed, we had a breakthrough that made it hard to not change our path. We saw the value a no-touch continuous monitoring system could have and decided we could not wait for the bed to finish and are therefore presenting Lyng as our first product.

Lyng enables continuous, non-intrusive monitoring of multiple patient status markers. These include: heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and movement patterns. The first generation will be CE-marked and market ready in 2022.

Our innovative partners:

Ably holds offices in Norway (Oslo, Ålesund), Germany (Munich) and Canada (Toronto).

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