Developing the next generation hospital bed is a complex and comprehensive process. Our concern is to deliver an affordable, revolutionizing, high quality product, designed together with health personnel to make real impact. The time schedule is subject to change.

January 2015

The start. It all began with an R&D pitch to improve patient rehabilitation.

June 2015

The problem. During our workshop at Sunnaas Hospital, the current design of hospital beds was identified as the number one challenge for nurses and patients.

January 2016

Initial public funding. Ably is granted with a frame of 5M NOK, and three more partners got added to our project: Helse Møre og Romsdal, Herøy Municipality, and Sykehuset Innlandet HF.

November 2016

Patent pending. Submitted by Dehns Law UK, through the UK patent office.

June 2017

Approved for the CABHI program in Canada. Ably Medical Inc. opened Toronto office.

April 2018

Raised 4M USD in capital from the Ålesund, Norway based investment group Pir.

May 2018

Firstprototype shipment. From Ålesund,Norway to Ontario, Canada.

June 2018

Usability study together with our Canadian hospital partner Hamilton Health Sciences and GERAS Centre.

December 2018

Hospital partnership network expansion with Göttingen

September 2018

Teamed up with some of the world’s finest industrial designers and engineers, based in Germany.

June 2019

Production start, first limited batch.

August 2019

Clinical verification studies. Testing and feedback before industrial production.

Spring 2020

Official launch with partner hospitals.

Autumn 2020

Commercial launch of the next generation hospital bed.